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Learning to love what I hate: Running


I got a pair of Nike’s awhile ago to encourage myself to run a little bit more but this of course didn’t work out for me. I still wasn’t learning to love what I hated the most, running. Oh how things have changed in 10 years. 

I never really had an issue with running in high school. If sprint drills were part of the program for PE that day, I’d have jumped at it. It’s really any form of long distance running that I have an issue with. Knowing that a 200 metre sprint could end in a matter of seconds made it more appealing than running at a steady pace for 5 kilometres. Add to that the added weight I’ve put on since then, and the knee surgery, my body pretty much views running as its enemy. 

I have however come to grips with the fact that running is an essential part of CrossFit and have to admit my Helen time could use a bit of work. To combat this, I’ve given myself a challenge and signed up for my first 5 kilometre run/race in August (I’ve asked the husband to join me too), all in the name of charity.

We’ve been regularly going for 2 kilometre runs post CrossFit the past couple of weeks to get us started but I must admit, the idea of finishing 5 kilometres feels like a task I might not be able to conquer, especially since the race is in 76 days time (August 3rd). I’m determined to give it a proper shot though so let’s see how it goes. 

Runners, what tips do you have to help me conquer the race/run in one piece?

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