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The Importance Of Keeping Hyrated

Hydration is a big part of performance and is often times something many of us neglect. According to The Box Magazine, to calculate how much water you’re supposed to consume in a day, you’ll need to make the following calculation:

Your bodyweight (in pounds) x 0.5 = the number of ounces of water you should be drinking per day

For me this basically equates to about 4 litres of water a day. 4 litres is by no means a small number and is currently about twice the amount I normally consume. I am however determined to give the number a shot.


With the aid of the Water Log currently available on my Fitbit app, I can keep track of how much I’ve consumed. I mentioned this to a good friend who brought up a good point, “you’ll still need to make sure you spread out the amount you’re supposed to consume throughout the day to keep your body optimally hydrated”. People tend to assume you can just chug your daily intake in a short space of time but this could lead to bloating.

I’ve seen great suggestions on Tumblr that help with this but my favourite has to be writing a timeline on your water  bottle so you’re drinking equal amounts throughout the day.

This should all hopefully help me achieve my daily water goal. I’ll keep you guys updated on this little “Hydration Project” but in the mean time, let me know if you have other tips!

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