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How to motivate yourself – The Fitbit Flex

It’s been a few months since my first CrossFit Anniversary and I’ve seen huge gains in my fitness. My strength numbers (for some of my better lifts) had now reached the 100s and I could now run a 2k without stopping but my desire to be a better athlete was waning.

I needed to find a way to motivate myself again so I purchased a Fitbit Flex. For those of you unfamiliar with the Flex, it’s a Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband that tracks your steps, the amount of calories you burn and the quality of your sleep.


Despite the fact that the Flex can sometimes be inaccurate with its calculations, the little reminders it gives me to complete my daily 10,000 step goal or hit my calorie burn target, encourage me to make more of an effort to keep moving and do more than I normally would on a daily basis.


With the added gamification element which rewards you with badges for conquering different milestones, it’s been making fitness fun again. I even got Dave one so we could have ourselves a mini competition.


What do you guys do to keep yourselves motivated to reach your fitness goals?

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